The artist wishes to expose the role of nature and life experiences in the shaping of her identity.

Nature signifies refuge, tranquility, and harmony; it is a sanctuary, more accommodating than the violent and harsh human society.

However, there is ambivalence, as there is in her soul. Nature is also harsh, moody, and ruthless. It is a force onto its own.

 The artist talks to nature to construct her identity and belonging and as a means of self-definition, that is, of trying to make sense of herself. But this endeavouring of belonging and identity construction is complicated by her positionality and the storm within herself. Nature is multi-faceted and has many faces.

Storms, waves crashing onto the land, and moody landscapes are in juxtaposition with mysterious faces in trees and the spirits of the forest. The moon mother and the blue of the sea represent sanctuary, a refuge and respite from the tempest of the mind. Herne